The internet goes mobile - child protection in the always connected age

3 December 2008 - A Workshop on Security in Hyderabad, India


Agenda of the Meeting

Many countries see the emergence of mobile phone technology as a means of leapfrogging costly, time-consuming and ecologically challenging routes to providing mass internet access to their citizens. But with the development of WiFi enabled handsets, with GPS modules built in and with mobile phones; having high quality vidoes and stills cameras as standard what extra or particular child safety challenges can we expect and what strategies are emerging to meet those challenges?


Kathleen Spencer - Chapman, eNACSO


  • John Carr, European NGO Alliance for Child Safety Online
  • Annie Mullins, Head of Global Standards, Vodafone
  • Margaret Moran, MP British Parliament
  • Gitte Bang Stald (Denmark - an academic specialising in children's use of mobile phones)
  • Teruhiko Sato, Japan
  • Viviane Reding,Euopean Commission (Responsible for Information Society and Media)


NACSO will take responsibility for organizing this workshop. NACSO or its constituent members has worked co-operatively in the past with each of the named participants.>br>