Hate and discriminatory speech and FoE online

10 November 2015 - A Workshop on Other in João Pessoa, Brazil


An undeniable tension is growing between defenders of freedom of expression and vulnerable groups targeted by virulent threats and harassing messages on the Internet (e.g. women, LGBTI community). Not surprisingly, many of those whose voices and online participation have been curtailed by harassment and digital violence seek the imposition of additional mechanisms for de-anonymizing harassers, and for controlling and blocking online content. On the other hand, many digital activists and civil liberties advocates emphatically reject these views, raising concerns about the speech chilling effects of censorship-based approaches. The proposed workshop seeks to generate discussion across a spectrum of viewpoints with the aim of building bridges and examining the roles to be played by all stakeholders (e.g. state, intermediaries, users, and civil society). The question to be evaluated is how to deal with freedom of expression tensions and to balance the exercise of rights online in order to foster a healthy online environment aimed at maximizing the free speech, privacy and equality rights of all.

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