Implementing Core Principles in the Digital Age

10 November 2015 - A Workshop on Other in João Pessoa, Brazil


Building on Brazil's and Germany's joint initiatives in the Unites Nations as well as on their overall bilateral cooperation, the roundtable aims to stir a discussion on key Internet Governance principles. Declaring democracy, accountability and human rights as a basis for policy-making in Internet Governance is only the first step to effectively promote these core principles. Next steps should tackle the challenge of implementing such concepts. This roundtable will help identify the different layers as well as the fora in which to address the implementation of core principles in Internet Governance. To that end, speakers from different sectors have been invited. The Special Rapporteurs on Freedom of Expression and the Right to Privacy will address the legal challenges for human rights in the digital age. Niels ten Oever is a member of the IETF study group on human rights and standards and will present the technical implications of promoting and implementing human rights. Sheetal Kumar has been working to increase awareness of the work done in ITU study groups and their impact on the overall ITU policies, she is also concerned about the lack of human rights consideration in cybersecurity. She will present the civil society perspective of how to influence policy-making in Internet Governance globally. Nanjira Sambuli will add the challenges that enterprises face when implementing human rights, this will be linked both to considerations of market advantages and transparency.

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