Can civil society impact Global Internet Governance?

11 November 2015 - A Workshop on Other in João Pessoa, Brazil


While multistakeholderism model is spreading as an approach for internet policy-making in global/regional/national level, it still faces questions about its effectiveness and limitations. It also impacts in particular civil society participation and raises challenges.

This raises questions about the legitimacy of processes and the value of participation there depending to the structure e.g. ICANN, OECD, CoE. CS can participate in different capacities: observers, experts, full-participation or only during consultation phase.

The workshop is aiming to describe and compare experiences of CS participation in different processes (multistakeholder/multilateral) and fora, and what it achieved or not there in term of policy-making. Those practical experiences will be discussed with other stakeholders representatives and understand how they perceive CS participation.

The roundtable will go from global to national level, drawing best practices, successes and limitations. That will also open a room to highlight common ground between the stakeholders. The workshop is designed to be action-oriented: collecting practices, getting input from participants, then recommendations.

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