Promoting Network Security and Constructing a Harmonious Internet

12 November 2007 - A Best Practice Forum on Security in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Institution background 

Internet Society of China (ISC) is a non-profit NGO with the mission of expediting China’s transition to an information society. And now it has more than 300 members, comprising ISPs, ICPs, universities, research institutes Internet-related companies etc.. (ISC:

Background of the theme 

Since the Internet and its application acquire rapid development, many issues including wide spreading of Spam, malware, viruses and harmful online content have accompanied. With the aim to promote network security and construct a harmonious Internet, China has made great efforts by launching various approaches and programs. ISC as an industrial association has also contributed greatly to work related to combating spam and protecting children and adolescents online away from cyber crime pornography etc.

We are looking forward to sharing the experience ISC gained and discussing the challenges issues with you through this Best Practice Forum.


Promoting a Green and Harmonious Online Environment——By Ms. ZHANG Lijuan, Standing Board Member of ISC and President of Fujian Internet Society  

The Features and Achievements of Spam Governance in China ——By Ms. ZHONG Zhihong, the Standing Member of Anti-Spam Committee of ISC 

Building Trust on the Internet­——By Prof. QING Singhan, Chief scientist, Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences 

China Internet Security Analysis and Anti-Spam Measures——By Mr. HUANG Chengqing, Secretary-General of Internet Society of China