Mexico: The National Digital Strategy and the MSH model

12 November 2015 - A Workshop on Other in João Pessoa, Brazil


During this workshop, participants will have a broad understanding on the policies the Mexican Government is implementing in order to guarantee an effective Internet ecosystem in which access is granted to all its citizens as part of the development agenda. Also, the mexican government role in the Internet ecosystem, through multistakeholder mechanisms. Such efforts, which will be explained through a brief presentation, are envisage through two approaches:

A) The National Digital Strategy (NDS). From the Mexican perspective, the NDS is the key to democratizing access to tools such as the Internet and broadband, and making the most of the endless possibilities they offer. Its objectives are Government transformation, Digital economy, Quality education, Effective universal health and Public Safety; its enablers are Connectivity, Digital Skills Inclusion, Interoperability, Legal Framework and Open Data.

B) Participation in the Group on Internet Governance Initiative. The Legal Framework enabler of the National Digital Strategy includes an initiative on Internet Governance which recognizes the importance of multistakeholder discussions on this topic. As a governmental mechanism, the National Digital Strategy Coordination has joined the Mexican Group on Internet Governance Initiative since its establishment, in 2013. The Group is mainly responsible for carrying out the Dialogues on Internet Governance ( This local effort has been inspired by the IGF and the multistakeholder model, in order to tackle the Internet governance issues in a multistakeholder approach. The Group has also served as an effective platform to exchange ideas and views among representatives from all the stakeholders in Mexico.

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