How to take your Internet further

3 December 2008 - A Workshop on Other in Hyderabad, India


To give participants in the workshop a range of different views from countries, the processes/methods used and the plans: how to take your Internet further. 

Also a few steps how to set priorities and realise plans. We think it is good to show how this is done in practical cases and experience of project or activities completed. For example, the Internet foresight 2015 by IVA in Sweden:


Ten ISOC Chapters from Europe and Latin America and Caribbean support this Workshop. Five chapters will participate in the presentation of the workshop in IGF meeting at Hyderabad in December 2008:

  • Osten Franberg ISOC-SE, Sweden
  • Stefano Trumpy ISOC-IT, Italy,
  • George Sadowsky ISOC-BG, Bulgaria,
  • Anita Sanchez ISOC- Ecuador.


ISOC Chapters are member organisations. A typical chapter has scores of individual  members across the country, region or locality concerned. A chapter may also have organizational members from a broad spectrum of Internet people such as Internet specialists, users, product providers, ISPs , public authorities or other Internet related companies:

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