Connected vehicles: net governance and autonomous transport

12 November 2015 - A Workshop on Other in João Pessoa, Brazil


The Internet of Things (IoT) is bringing together a range of public policy, commercial and technological developments in respect to transport. Machine-to-machine communication, big data, cloud computing, sensors and actuators, are enabling an increased use for autonomous machines and intelligent systems. Whether it be self-driving automobiles or unmanned remote controlled drones, a growing range of autonomous devices are some of the possible end-points of that development. These vehicles pose several types of Internet governance questions and issues that include those of a technical, commercial and policy/regulatory nature, such as:

  • Are the current and future (mobile) Internet capabilities ready for the needs of autonomous vehicles?
  • Will autonomous vehicles require a higher availability and real-time quality of service for the Internet and is that possible with a best effort network?
  • Does the current governance of the Internet provide the right mechanisms to deliver on technical and commercial demands (e.g. security, interoperability, network identification)?
  • What role can standards and sharing good practices play?
  • Other issues such as empowerment, privacy, data as a public good, public safety, competition and regulation will also be analysed.

The workshop will be of an exploratory nature. It will deepen the discussion on the Internet of Things commenced at the IGF2014, by evaluating a particular segment instead of focusing on the full breadth of the subject. By combining the discussion over policies and practices around this technology with the technical governance of the Internet, the interplay between the two becomes more visible with workshop participants being able to interact.

Link of previous IGF workshop:

Names of participants:

  • Bill Woodcock, CEO of EcoTruc and Executive Director of Packet Clearing House
  • Helani Galpaya, Chief Executive Officer of LIRNEasia
  • Mr. Alexandre Liu, Strategic Director of BYD Energy, Brazil
  • Guilherme Correa, Infrastructure Analyst at Department of Science, Technology and Industry and Manager of the Centre of M2M/IoT Communications at the Brazilian Ministry of Communications

Name of in-person Moderator: Tracey Weisler (US Federal Communications Commission)

Name of Remote Moderator: Lorrayne Porciuncula (OECD)



  1. Opening remarks on issues surrounding the connected vehicles debate by the moderator of the workshop, Ms. Tracey Weisler (5 min.).
  2. Interventions by (7-10 min. each)
  3. Questions by the moderator to the panellists and interaction (30 min.)
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