Keeping Your Credentials Secure Online: A Roundtable

10 November 2015 - A Workshop on Other in João Pessoa, Brazil


Hackers realize the power of stealing credentials to crack open systems and gain access to critical information. And, because many organizations do an inadequate job of protecting their systems—despite patching, hardening, and firewalls—stealing credentials is an easy hacker target. Many compromises tie directly into issues relating to credential management. A cornerstone of all security strategies is an organization’s ability to control access to data and systems. Virtually all access controls rely on the use of credentials to validate the identities and permissions of users, applications, and devices. The roundtable will invite experts who have insights into the way in which the problems of credential management, which have so often proven intractable in practice despite reams of good advice from security professionals, have been addressed in real world environments and scenarios. These insights will come from civil society; the academic community; the financial sector; the technology sector; companies from the DNS and domain name management industry; operating system, browser, and games and apps developers; and social media companies. The roundtable will focus on the presentation of practical problems faced day to day, well publicized incidents, impacts on reputation and privacy, direct actions efforts taken, and measures to implement practical solutions that incorporate best practices for credential management. practical problems that exist to implement and improve a security and emerging best practices

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