Youth and Internet Governance: Challenges for future?

3 December 2008 - A Workshop on Internet Governance Principles in Hyderabad, India


Agenda of the Meeting

Youth of today are avid Internet users and are often considered groundbreakers in the field of IT thus striving for a place as an important stakeholder in the field of IG. Needs, threats and emerging issues like cultural, economic, freedom of expression and legislative concerns rapidly become outdated due to the new developments and the unwary young user suffer the consequences of lack of knowledge on the policies being introduced. 

The main purpose of the workshop is to showcase the involvement of young professionals and students in the projects related to ICTs and Internet Governance while providing them with the opportunity to have an open dialogue with the key stakeholders in the relevant field from around the globe. With the quality information gained from the participation and interaction with seniors and experts from different backgrounds and geographical diversity, there would be a development and improvement of current initiatives that are going on in various fields through positive criticism and sharing in how these young leaders should continue their initiatives. 

Some of the main questions we wish to highlight through showcasing various projects in this interactive workshop are: Prospects and problems related to participation of young participants; a look at remote participation as a solution? What are the major challenges faced in the capacity building of leaders; Outreach issues? How do young people use various social networking sites and deal with privacy concerns? What are young professionals doing for the Protection of Child pornography? Challenges and Opportunities in digital opportunities, is it bridging the digital divide?


Members from the technical and business community, academia and civil society have been approached and invited for this workshop. Some of them have already confirmed their participation and support.

  • Council of Eurpoe
  • Social Networking sites
  • Former WSIS Youth Caucus members
  • Representatives of Youth Organisations
  • Other relevant experts on Privacy issues and social entrepreneurship

In our panel, we will ensure not just geographical diversity including experts from various continents but also make sure that experts from different fields including business, civil society and academia with gender balance. 
(The list will be extended further for the involvement of stakeholders with a geographical diversity)


Peoples Development Organization, Pakistan PDO is a non-profit organization working for the rights of the women and youth of the sub-urban and rural communities in Pakistan. Its main focus has included promotion of use of ICTs in youth. It has affiliations with various national and International entities that include: 

  • World Summit on Sustainable Development
  • Youth Caucus
  • OneWorld SouthAsia-International Young Professionals Foundation, Australia
  • Human Rights Commission of Pakistan 
  • National Commission for Justice and Peace, Pakistan, Pakistan
  • United Religion’s Initiative