Cybersecurity Awareness though Multistakeholder outreach

12 November 2015 - A Workshop on Other in João Pessoa, Brazil


The 2014 IGF hosted a workshop that featured a high level discussion about the pros, cons and challenges facing multistakeholder approaches to addressing cybersecurity issues. They explored key questions such as “Why should a multistakeholder approach be used and what are the elements of a successful public private governance model?” and “Can multistakeholder efforts succeed in an era where the trust between governments and other parts of the community is eroding?”

The session clearly struck a nerve as 30+ workshop participants were asked to leave the room and take their networking and idea exchange to another room to make way for the next session.
We wish to continue this discussion but add a more hands on practical component to it. After briefly reviewing the success people had in taking what they learned and implementing it in their countries, we will work toward charting a course where others can take these successful implementation experiences and use them in their country. 

Sharing best practices and developing a track record people can call on in the future is the goal of this session.

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