Evolving Cyber Assurance across Societies & Supply Chains

12 November 2015 - A Workshop on Other in João Pessoa, Brazil


The Internet continues to evolve, driven by markets and technologies. National digital economies and digital societies depend on this evolution. Money is increasingly being made, but also stolen. Societies are increasingly vulnerable. The lack of accountability and trust on the Internet has be to addressed. Internet governance must evolve to enable new policies, procedures and mechanisms to meet emerging cybersecurity, counter-fraud and trust requirements of citizens, communities, supply chains and governments. Our economic and global future depend on this.

Building on EU MAPPING's progress and its international community, this senior expert panel will outline the latest situation and describe how collaborative risk management, cyber controls frameworks and federated identity management are combining to support cyber assurance. The panel will look at major drivers, relevant international standards and requirements for better cyber assurance, including key functions for new Internet Governance. 

It will highlight noteworthy developments in major industry sectors and topics such as trusted cloud, crypto-currencies, age verification, and reducing the risk of malware enabled and counterfeit products that run or are connected to the Internet. The panel will identify existing standards to address some of these areas, including The Open Group’s Open Trusted Technology Provider™ Standard (O-TTPS), which focuses on product integrity and supply chain security and has been submitted as a PAS for ISO approval. 

The Q and A and interactive discussion with attendees will link these topics to required developments in Internet Governance and to the need for guidance in these areas for developing nations and small businesses.

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