Managing security risks for sustainable development

11 November 2015 - A Workshop on Other in João Pessoa, Brazil


Recent large scale security incidents (Target, Home Depot, Anthem, Sony Pictures, etc.) have demonstrated that “cybersecurity” is not just a technical matter for experts, but that it should be also a priority for government leadership and top executives (across all economic sectors), as well as for individuals. 

Many leaders and decision makers in businesses and in governments are realising that while the digital environment is a driver for innovation, productivity and growth, it also introduces risks that can jeopardise economic and social prosperity. For example, digital security attacks can alter production and undermine companies’ reputation; intrusions can be performed to steal trade secrets, and damage growth; personal data breaches can violate the lives of millions, facilitate identity theft and related financial fraud. 
This workshop will bring representatives of governments, businesses and civil society together to explore the following questions: 

  • What does “cybersecurity” mean when it is approached from an economic and social perspective? In particular, what does this mean for companies and government agencies? What does risk management mean in this context?
  • What does it really mean and imply for leaders and decision makers in governments and businesses to approach the digital environment both from the perspective of the opportunities it offers and the risks it can pose? 
  • What are the cultural and governance challenges in businesses? Are there specific challenges for SMEs?
  • How can communities better understand each other to work together towards a better management of digital security risk? 
  • What are the consequences in terms of broader Internet governance? 
  • How is “cybersecurity” governance impacting policies concerning Internet use?
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