Overcoming Obstacles to Effective Digital Education

3 December 2008 - A Workshop on Openness in Hyderabad, India


Internet technological advances have the potential to improve educational opportunities in ways previously unimaginable, yet various roadblocks prevent the Internet from reaching this potential. These roadblocks are technical, economic, institutional, cultural, and legal; overcoming them will require the collaboration of governments, industry, and civil society to identify solutions that work for educators and students. Last year’s panel entitled “Towards the Development of Effective Exceptions to and Limitations on Copyright in the Realm of Digital Education” led to the creation of a new IGF Dynamic Coalition on Digital Education (DCODE) and the signing of a Declaration on Digital Education. This year’s event will build on that strong foundation, examining a broader set of issues including: roadblocks stemming from protections of intellectual property and related rights, including copyright laws, broadcast regulations, digital rights management (DRM) measures, technological barriers, and hardware incompatibilities. This workshop will bring together teachers, publishers, technologists, scholars, and activists to identify solutions to these roadblocks including: best practices in Internet governance, policy solutions, research, open educational materials, and technological architecture for realizing the potential of the Internet to enhance global educational opportunities.