Commonwealth approach on National Cybersecurity Strategies

11 November 2015 - A Workshop on Other in João Pessoa, Brazil


The growth of the Cyberspace has touched upon all aspects of life and society. The increasing usage and reliance on Cyberspace, makes the safety, security and resilience of Cyberspace mandatory requirements. Lack of National Cybersecurity strategies may lead countries to take uncoordinated steps which may duplicate activities, prevent maximising resources and generally reduce effectiveness. The Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation, the ICT agency of the Commonwealth, has drafted the Commonwealth approach for developing National Cybersecurity Strategies, to help countries that lack National Cybersecurity Strategies to develop their own national strategies. This model, which has benefitted from the inputs of a range of organisations and experts, has been showcased at regional and national workshops to build the capacity of key stakeholders to use the model for their unique contexts. This workshop is proposed to expand the awareness raising beyond the Commonwealth to the wider community, with a view to assist all countries that need assistance to develop their National Cybersecurity Strategies.

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