IPv6 Transition up to date

11 November 2015 - A Workshop on Other in João Pessoa, Brazil


Since 2015 the trends are indicating that the adoption of IPv6 seems to be a more realistic global scenario for the coming years. Not only due to the latest polls but also based on the exhaustion of IANA IPv4 Pool at ARIN, APNIC, LACNIC and RIPE NCC are suggesting to approach a more significant deployment of IPv6. Part of the goal for RIRs and their communities include to help this deployment to be done in the right way and based on current best practices. This session considers inviting different sectors, not only operators, that have implemented IPv6 in their networks (or promoted implementation) and share best practices and experiences from their different perspectives. Best practices are not only provided by information exchange but also by the possibility of different stakeholder views to exchange their visions, dilemmas and challenges on the transition. This workshop will also be a good opportunity for analyzing the importance of a globally coordinated and regionally managed administration of Internet number resources, the future management of the IPv4 address space. 

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