BPF on Regulation and mitigation of unsolicited communications - "Technical proficiency training for Africa: organisation, coordination, funding"

9 November 2015 - A Pre-event on Other in João Pessoa, Brazil


An expected major recommendation of the Best Practice Forum (BPF) on the regulation and mitigation of unsolicited communications is to provide technical training in developing nations at basic security level for ISPs, telcos and hosting organisations’ network and abuse administrators in order to prevent and mitigate the risks associated with unsolicited communications sent over the internet. This session brings together relevant stakeholders. On the one hand the BPF’s expected recommendations are presented, on the other potential solutions to realise training are discussed.

In the BPF we have established that in Africa (and other developing regions) there is a clearly felt need for action against all sorts of unsolicited communications and for the implementation of standards and best practices. Operators in developed nations dread the rising numbers targeting their networks. Years of experience and successful measures are available. Specific training and trainers are offered. The Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE) is an organisation that may facilitate a process such as that presented here and is looking for initiatives to bring under its organisation. The challenge is in finding funding and coordination, general support and identifying the right people to train.

The BPF “unsolicited communications” organises this Day Zero matchmaking event to bring together directly involved stakeholders and discuss the possibility of training, organisation, coordination and funding. This session invites representatives from e.g. governments, IGO’s, industry and expert groups to participate. The session aims for a decision to continue this topic. It is a direct result of the BPF process and a direct input for the BPF session on Tuesday. Organising this training is seen as a potential quick win where the outcome of the 2015 BPF process is concerned as well as a win-win factor for developing and developed nations alike.

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