Ranking Digital Rights/ Internews - “Corporate Accountability for Digital Rights: Building a Global Research and Advocacy Network”

9 November 2015 - A Pre-event on Other in João Pessoa, Brazil


It is our pleasure to invite all IGF participants to join an advocacy and research brainstorming meeting on the issue of corporate accountability for digital rights. Jointly hosted by Ranking Digital Rights and Internews on the eve of the Internet Governance Forum, this meeting will gather a diverse group of activists and researchers working at the intersection of Internet governance, business and human rights. The goal is to brainstorm concrete ideas for how civil society advocates and academic researchers can use the Corporate Accountability Indexdata and indicators for their own work at the national, regional, and international levels.  

The event begins with a presentation of the results of the inaugural Ranking Digital Rights Corporate Accountability Index, which evaluates 16 telecommunication and Internet companies headquartered around the world on 31 indicators examining policies and disclosures affecting users’ freedom of expression and privacy. The next two segments of the meeting will focus on brainstorming concrete ideas for advocacy and research projects using the Index’s findings. We invite you to peruse the results on the interactive website, download the report (and even the raw data) and view the webcast of our launch event in advance of the IGF.

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