Main Session on Dynamic Coalitions

12 November 2015 - A Main Session on Other in João Pessoa, Brazil


After 9 years of letting Dynamic Coalitions evolve in the margins of the IGF, the MAG agreed to bring their work into the mainstream and let them present their findings with a view to producing IGF outputs.

This is in line with the recommendations of the CSTD Working Group on IGF improvements which called for more tangible IGF output. The primary objective of this Main Session is to give an opportunity for the DCs to present and showcase their work to the broader community in a formal manner, during a main session at the IGF annual meeting. Many of the DC’s have undertaken and achieved significant work in their respective fields and allowing them to present working outputs for broad community feedback at the IGF will help increase and strengthen IGF outputs for use of other relevant IG fora and bodies. This session will also be a good chance to highlight the work of the DCs in general and hopes to encourage increased participation in the DCs by those attending the IGF in Brazil in person and following remotely.

The structure of the Main Session, split into two days, will reflect the progress of respective DCs’ working outputs, as determined and declared by those same DC’s. The first part of the session on Day 3 will devote speaking slots to those DCs with final, complete outputs, who are actively seeking feedback from the community. Participants will be encouraged to complete rating sheets on the output documents, which will be broken down into the main issues under discussion.

The second part of the Main Session on the morning of Day 4, will give additional DCs who wish to do so the opportunity to introduce themselves, discuss their work, and encourage participation in their group. The rest of the second day will be devoted to discussion and debate on the outputs presented on the first day. The feedback received via rating sheets will provide guidance for the future work of the DCs.

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