Enhancing Cybersecurity and Building Digital Trust

12 November 2015 - A Main Session on Security in João Pessoa, Brazil


For the Internet to truly become an engine for growth an development a secure and enabling Cyberspace is an imperative. We need to:

  • boost global trust, promote international stability of the Internet and enhance cooperation in global Internet governance,       

  • develop safer ways to do business and transact online,       

  • protect people from threats to the exercise of their online freedoms,      

  • Identify, isolate and protect people from crime related activities,       

  • Augment and complement existing G2G multilateral, intergovernmental and multistakeholder initiatives to address global and national issues.

DIGITAL TRUST: With the Internet as the foundation of the global economy, cybersecurity is increasingly becoming a critical issue in Internet governance. If inadequately addressed, these challenges will lead to a lack of resilience, with adverse impact on trust in the global digital ecosystem and sustainable economic growth. The current ecosystem has several challenges and dilemmas in the way we may attempt to secure these goals. There are several orphan unresolved issues. This main session aims to bring stakeholders from various backgrounds together to discuss these challenges in an inclusive, transparent, bottom up and participatory manner. The full potential of the Internet can only be achieved by working together across nation states and stakeholder groups.

Co-Facilitators: Dominique Lazanski (ICC Basis), Subi Chaturvedi and Segun Olugbile MAG Volunteer- Juan Gonzalez. MAG and Non MAG. The session will build upon existing global initiatives including GCSC2015 and others.