Legal Aspects of Governance of Critical Internet Resources Functions – Contributing to Capacity Through Legal Analysis

3 December 2008 - A Workshop on Critical Internet Resources in Hyderabad, India


Agenda of the Meeting

The workshop will:
(a) address key substantive and process functionalities that are involved in the governance of Critical Internet Resources, particularly from the standpoint of their robustness, security and capacity, and
(b) assess how different legal and institutional structures and governance models available under private and public international law could be mapped to those CIR functions.
We expect that the organizers will contribute speakers for the panel. This will ensure geographic diversity and a multi-stakeholder approach, as our group is already a multi-stakeholder group and is representative of diverse regions.

In addition, our workshop has been approached by other and leading IGOs and NGOs in the field who have offered senior personnel and eminent persons in the field to participate as speakers.If our proposal is accepted we also intend to invite authors of some of the key literature in the field to contribute either in writing or in person, as well as members of organizations already involved in key CIR governance issues.

Oxford Internet Institute Academia
World Bank IGO
GIPI Private Sector
ISOC Bulgaria Civil Society, CEE
Moscow State University, Institute for Information Security Academia, Russia
Alfa Redi Civil Society, Latin America
ISOC Pacific Civil Society
Council of Europe IGO

The organizers will continue to ensure representation across groups, regions, etc., through additional recruitment.