Setting the Scene

10 November 2015 - A Main Session on Other in João Pessoa, Brazil


This year the main theme of the IGF aligning with global goals of promoting sustainable development through the Internet after deliberation and consensus was chosen as: “Evolution of Internet Governance: Empowering Sustainable Development” as the overarching theme. This theme will be supported by eight sub-themes that will frame the discussion for this main session at João Pessoa:
  • Cybersecurity and trust; Bertrand de La Chapelle, 
  • The Internet economy; Hossam Elgahmal,
  • Inclusiveness and diversity; Hasanul Haq Inu (Min. ICT Bangladesh) & Rahul Gosain (Director Deity- Digital India),
  • Openness; Vint Cerf, Google, 
  • Enhancing multistakeholder cooperation; Peter Major,
  • The Internet and human rights; Matjaž Gruden, COE and UNESCO rep,
  • Critical Internet resources; and CIRA- Byron, Paul Wilson,
  • Emerging issues: Paul Mitchell, Microsoft,
  • Intercessional work: BPFs – Constance Bommelear, ISOC Goal: The goal of this session is therefore set the stage for the IGF with a panel that frames each of IGF2015's sub-themes by highlighting related topical issues as well as provide participants with a high level bird’s eye view about how these sub-themes will be addressed during the rest of the IGF. This session hopes to deconstruct the key policy issues around each sub theme wherever applicable. Duration: 1hour with about half of this time dedicated to discussion. Format: A moderated panel made up of speakers with expertise on the sub-themes complemented by organisers or panelists of other main sessions. Inputs will be kept short. The moderators will be assisted by people with roving mikes in the room. The session will be opened by panelists giving a 2-3 minute input on topical and contentious issues relevant to the sub-themes 35 minutes) Questions from floor and debate among speakers (25 minutes) Overview of how the subthemes will be covered at IGF2015 with a reflection on the Inter-sessional work this year as well and how best stakeholder engagement can be amplified through the IGF. Facilitation/ Moderation: The roundtable will be co-facilitated by Amb. David Gross and Subi Chaturved. 
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