WSIS+10 Consultations

10 November 2015 - A Main Session on Other in João Pessoa, Brazil


According to agreed processes at the United Nations General Assembly, the World Summit on the Information Society implementation will experience a ten year review. Alongside the broader assessment of progress toward achieving an Information Society for all, since the conclusion of the two phase World Summit on the Information Society [WSIS], in Tunis, 2015, other questions such as the achievements of the IGF, its extension, and how enhanced cooperation, inclusion of women and youth, affordability of access to ICTs and the Internet, multilingual access and content, incorporation of multi stakeholder engagement and participation from developing countries, emerging economies, and least developed countries in Internet governance and WSIS processes contribute to the review of the overall WSIS. As is usual in a ten year review of a World Summit, the WSIS+10 process also looks forward to the post 2015 WSIS +SDGs environment. While the considerations of the role of the IGF, and its extension and evolution are incorporated into the WSIS+10 Review, the overall review is much broader, and inclusive of issues and questions that affect the much broader Internet governance ecosystem.   

Convening in Brazil, the IGF 2015 brings together the most diverse, inclusive and multi stakeholder community, on an equal footing, to address critical Internet governance policy issues and approaches  The WSIS+10 session at the IGF 2015 will take advantage of this unique and geo diverse multi stakeholder convening to examine the “Zero draft” prepared by UNGA resources, and under debate and consideration by UNGA, and provide an interactive consultation, in a real time setting, on the key themes and issues identified in the Zero Draft.  As an output from the interactive “town hall” consultation, a summarized report, and a real time transcript will be provided, along with an invitation to the participants in the interactive session to include summary messages in the further considerations for the second draft of the Draft negotiating documents for the High Level meeting of the General Assembly on WSIS +10 Review [scheduled for December 15-16, 2015.]

Invitations are extended to the Co Facilitators and UNGA PGA office to attend the IGF 2015, and interact with the diverse multi stakeholder community.

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