Dynamic Coalition on Accountability of Internet Governance Venues

12 November 2015 - A Dynamic Coalition on Other in João Pessoa, Brazil


Many of the Internet governance venues that deal with critical policy making issues on Internet governance should be subjected to a set of concrete criteria to be accountable to the broader Internet governance community. Not only should the private corporations that deal with Internet governance policy development be accountable, international organizations that also claim to have a non-binding and neutral process should uphold certain values and accountability standards.

With increased visibility and international focus on Internet Governance these discussions are taking place in an increasingly diverse selection of venues. We believe that the discussion on the accountability of these venues is a critical one and that the time is right for a forum to be established to bring together the stakeholders involved.

1. Setting the agenda for DC and th
e focus  (Robin Gross, Robin will talk briefly about the objectives of accountability dynamic coalition and abit of background, 4 minutes)
2. Importance of accountability in IG venues (Jeanette Hofmann, 2 minutes)
3. The criteria that should be implemented for accountability (here Jan will discuss the normative criteria of accountability  and other matters  , 4 minutes )

4. Different accountability mechanisms existing in IG organizations ( Farzaneh Badiei, Farzaneh will talk about general mechanisms ( what general what are the mechanisms , access to court, arbitration, internal dispute resolution and conflict resolution processes) 1 minute
6.  ICANN and its accountability mechanisms (Erika Mann, Erika will talk about ICANN's current accountability mechanisms, to whom they are accountable, 6 minutes )
7. Numbers (APNIC, Paul Wilson, Paul will talk about APNIC accountability mechanisms and their relation to ICANN, 6 minutes) 
8. National NIR, Izumi Okutani: Raising a community issue Language difficulties and accountability, 6 minutes 
9.  Different stakeholder groups viewpoints (based on personal views and their experience in their stakeholdergroups)
Business, Keith Drazek , Verisign, why accountability is important from the viewpoint of business (5 minutes) 
Civil Society , Jyoti, CIS, Why civil society cares about accountability (5 minutes)
Government (Jorge), Why governments require accountability from IG venues.(5 minutes)
10. The future of the dynamic coalition: Participants discussion, what should be added and what should be the focus, 45 minutes)

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