Dynamic Coalition on the Internet of Things

12 November 2015 - A Dynamic Coalition on Other in João Pessoa, Brazil


Since the 3rd Internet Governance Forum (IGF) meeting in Hydrabad (2008), IoT has been on the agenda for multi-stakeholder discussions of all IGFs, We came to understand that the way forward is to be found in taking ethical considerations into account from the outset, both in the development, deployment and use phases of the life cycle, thus to find a sustainable way ahead using IoT helping to create a free, secure and enabling rights based environment. This has resulted in a draft Statement that can be found at http://review.intgovforum.org/igf-2015/dynamic-coalitions/dynamic-coalition-on-the-internet-of-things-dc-iot-4/. This statement is on the table for this session. We want to further explore what “ethical” actually means in this global context, and how a commitment to such an ethical approach could look like. Earlier reports on the work can be found the DC IoT website at http://www.iot-dynamic-coalition.org/. The DC workshop will be oriented around 5 key ideas that are reflecting our current thinking working towards a common appreciation of IoT good practice in 2016.  These ideas are at the core of the draft declaration. Welcome to join!

Agenda, 12 November 2015, 09:00 – 10:30 AM local time

  1. Opening, introduction  draft declaration on IoT Best Practices by Maarten Botterman, Chairman DC IoT, Chairman Public Interest Registry
  2. Background to the draft declaration: history and thoughts on ways forward by Wolfgang Kleinwaechter, University of Arhus, ICANN Board 
  3. Panel, moderated by Avri Doria, with representatives from all sectors. Panel participants: 
    1. Megan Richards, European Commission
    2. Jari Arkko, IETF
    3. Carlos A. Afonso, CGI
    4. Max Senges, Google
    5. Joe Aldaheff, ORACLE, ICC
    6. Sergio Paulo Gallindo, BRASSCOM
    7. Olga Cavalli, ITU-T WS 20 on IoT
    8. Sebastian Bellagamba, ISOC
  4. Open discussion with all participants and panel), moderated by Avri Doria
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