Online Abuse and Gender-Based Violence Against Women

11 November 2015 - A Best Practice Forum on Human Rights in João Pessoa, Brazil


The BPF provides an open and inclusive multistakeholder platform for the exchange of information on online conduct and behaviour that potentially constitute abuse of and/or gender-based violence against women and girls, with the aim of collecting and compiling a helpful resource output for communities to create a safe and enabling environment for women online to participate fully in the development of an inclusive and people-centred information society. The BPF therefore asks all stakeholders to help it address the following question:

What are effective practices and policies that address, mitigate and/or prevent online abuse and gender-based violence against women?

For more details about the BPF's proposed sub-themes, methodology and provisional timeline, see the Outline & Approach and Timeline tabs. For a comprehensive description of the BPF's methodology, see Part II of Draft JP.

The BPF's work is community-driven, bottom-up and multistakeholder. To aid the process, Jac Kee (IGF MAG member; APC) acts as lead coordinator, and Anri van der Spuy (IGF Secretariat) as rapporteur.