Enabling environments to establish successful IXPs

10 November 2015 - A Best Practice Forum on Critical Internet Resources in João Pessoa, Brazil


Internet exchange points (IXPs) are a well-established concept. There is a substantial body of knowledge within the IXP operator and member community regarding best practices and the characteristics of local environments that are conducive to the formation and success of IXPs. However, such knowledge is not evenly distributed, and some stakeholders have expressed a need for greater awareness. Therefore, the aim of this BPF is to make existing community knowledge more widely available.

The Best Practices Forum in IXPs will explain why IXPs matter and focus on ways to create enabling environments that allow IXPs to develop and flourish.

The draft best practice outcome document that will be presented and discussed during the session is open for public comments on the IGF Review platform.  

Session Agenda  -  Room 5

1. Welcome and Introdution

  • Welcome and opening of the session 
  • Best Practices Forum on IXP introduction
2.  Role and Benefits of an Internet Exchange point 
  • Overview of the role and benefits of an IXP
  • Q&A and discussion 
3. The IXP's Stakeholder and Environment
  • Overview of the IXP's stakholders and environment
  • Q&A and discussion
4. Challenges and creating an enabling environment
  • Challenges
  • Creating an enabling environment 
  • Policy messages
  • Q&A and discussion
5. Wrap up and next steps

Remote moderator: Michael Oghia