Developing meaningful multistakeholder participation mechanisms

10 November 2015 - A Best Practice Forum on Multistakeholderism in João Pessoa, Brazil


The Best Practice Forum (BPF) on Developing meaningful multistakeholder participation mechanisms, BPF-Multistakeholder for short, invites community members to submit brief descriptions (suggest a max 500 words each) of multistakeholder and other participatory democratic practices they have used that have either:

- worked very well

- worked rather badly

Note that your experiences on challenges and failures are equally or sometimes more valuable than your experience on success as we often learn from failures.

In your contributions, please respond to issues and questions discussed in the paper which deals with normative issues, that is descriptions of how the multistakeholder model should work. This paper has been produced from the output of last years BPF and comments made over the first months of 2015.  The contributions on practices should be about things that did or did not work.  Each contribution should restrict itself to describing just one practice. Should you wish to describe more than one practice, please submit multiple contributions.

The contributions should not be normative or describe how multistakeholder organizations/processes/mechanisms should work. Any normative comments should be added to the main BPF synthesis paper itself as either comments or suggested text. 

The contributions should be submitted to the BPF Multistakeholder mailing list and also to Brian Gutterman ( by 30 July 2015.