Friends of the IGF (FoIGF) Side Meeting

5 September 2014 - A Other on Other in Istanbul, Turkey


Friends of the IGF (FoIGF) is a website project that aims to provide the Internet community with a living archive — a user-­friendly, browsable, and searchable repository — of all past IGF discussions. The website, including its navigation, design, and search interface, has matured greatly over its first year in existence. The ecosystem of support is expanding every day. By building an FoIGF Ecosystem, we are hoping to create an exemplary illustration of successful multistakeholder collaboration — a network to provide ongoing support for a sustainable informational resource that can inform evolving Internet Governance discussions. We are currently amassing interest and intellect from individuals and organisations throughout the Internet community, in hopes of building this multistakeholder ecosystem that will provide ongoing support to FoIGF through collaboration and contributions.

Our draft agenda for this open meeting is simple. We will begin by providing a description of the FoIGF Ecosystem vision, and use the first hour to share understanding and ideas for the site. We will use the second hour to develop a prospective plan for ongoing work on the FoIGF resource.


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