Carrier Grade NAT Impacts on Users, Markets and Cybercrime

4 September 2014 - A Workshop on Other in Istanbul, Turkey


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Critical Internet Resources


One tool for conserving IPv4 addresses is called Carrier Grade Network Address Translation, or simply CGN.

This workshop will discuss the implications of the deployment of CGNs on Internet users, applications designers, law enforcement and access providers.

However, the use of Network Address Translation doesn’t come for free. However, recent research shows that Internet application developers and Internet users will bear most of the impact of CGN implementation:

• How will developers of applications, such as online gaming and VoIP, cope with multiple CGN implementations - having to find workarounds for each?
• What will consumers do when they find that applications they count on no longer function correctly and that troubleshooting those problems becomes more difficult?
• Will Law Enforcement be able to manage when they find that traditional techniques for identifying and tracking criminals no longer work in the presence of CGNs?

This means that access to the Internet, that most basic foundation of the Internet’s global success, is substantially different than it was just five years ago. What does this mean for Internet Governance? Clearly, this is an area where new technology has implications for Internet governance and policy making.

The Internet ecosystem distributes decision-making throughout the network of networks and throughout the network of stakeholders. The decision of ISPs to deploy CGN technology is an example of a case where individual decisions at some points of the network have implications on a much wider range of Internet stakeholders and users.

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Samantha Dickinson
Private Sector
Lingua Synaptica

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90 minutes

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#cgn #v6transition #access #security

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Robert Flaim
Law Enforcement community
US Federal Bureau of Investigation
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Geoff Huston
Technical community
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Emily Taylor
Emily Taylor Consultancy Limited
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Joseph Warren
SONY Entertainment - PlayStation
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Katim S. Touray
Civil Society
Development Consultant, Gambia
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Mark McFadden, InterConnect Communications, Chepstow, Wales

Name of Remote Moderator(s)

Samantha Dickinson, Lingua Synaptica, Australia

Description of how the proposer plan to facilitate discussion amongst speakers, audience members and remote participants

Post a suggested list of questions for discussion in advance of the session and encourage participants to prepare their own stories of experiences with Carrier Grade NATs.

Encourage people to use Twitter to post their thoughts (in coordination with remote participation strategy). Use the overhead screen to display a Twitter that members of the room can respond to in realtime.

Description of the proposer's plans for remote participation

The panellist’s presentation will be made available prior to the IGF so that people participating remotely will be able to follow during the session. Social media will be used as an easy way for remote participants to ask questions and make comments. Key topics and remarks during the session will be tweeted for a realtime record of the session for those who are not able to participate directly. Where possible, public Internet facilities will be made available for people to share other materials related to the presentations and post notes and links to other resources related to Carrier Grade NATs.

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