Connecting the Continents through Fiber Optic

4 September 2014 - A Workshop on Other in Istanbul, Turkey


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Policies Enabling Access


While lack of appropriate laws, inefficient implementation of the laws and lack of available financial resources can delay investment in fibre optic, there are other reasons that can be added to the list of impediments when it comes to some regions. Sanctions, political decisions, war, geographical condition, to name a few are the impediments that some regions are facing. However, while the regional needs are different there might be some commonalities among them and sharing these solutions may be to the benefit of policy makers. This workshop focusses on different regions such as Europe, Middle East, Pacific and Africa and addresses the following questions in order to provide policy solutions for facilitating access to the Internet through fiber optic: What investment indicators should be considered to encourage the investment in fiber optic? What policies should be in place for decision makers to make investment in fiber optic high on the agenda? What is the role of different stakeholder groups in making effective policies for investing in fiber optic? Which global policy shaping venus are available to discuss this ? What are the different regional and national best practices?

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PersianIGF (Persian Internet Governance Forum (PersianIGF) is established to provide a multi-stakeholder venue where different stakeholder groups discuss and exchange knowledge, viewpoints and ideas about current and emerging Internet governance issues)

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#Access, #IG&Fiber, #Developingcountries

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Karin Ahl,President of FTTH Council, Private sector, Confirmed
Michael Kende, ISOC, Civil Society , Confirmed
Patrik Fältström, Netnod, Technical Community, Confirmed
Qusai AlShatti, Deputy Chairman, Kuwait Information Technology, Confirmed
Shahram Soboutipour, IT consultant, Confirmed
Anju Mangal, Information and Knowledge Management Specialist/Coordinator, Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC)

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When publicizing the workshop, a strong emphasis on the availability of remote participation will be made. Also all the interested participants will be invited to send requests to the workshop organizer, ask questions and make comments before the session and if possible establish a virtual group that can pose questions and make comments during the session. Efforts will be made to establish remote hubs. The moderator of the session will actively engage with remote participants and read their comments where relevant and summarizes the points they make and pose their questions to the panelists.

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