Crowdsourced Ideas for Internet Governance: The NETmundial Brazilian Experience

3 September 2014 - A Workshop on Other in Istanbul, Turkey

Brief substantive summary of the workshop and presentation of the main issues that were raised during the discussions

The purpose of this workshop had at least 3 goals: 1) Publicize the initiative of the public consultation "What internet do you want?" and the collaborative construction of #ArenaNETmundial, 2) Discuss direct Social Participation on IG and 3) Involve relevant organizations in this debate (participation of ICANN, WebWeWant, etc).

The discussions were very important because not so many workshops on IGF address the idea of crowd and open mobilization and participation and we were able to gather many experiences on that on the same panel, coming from techinical participation on ICANN processes to regular citizen participation on ArenaNETmundial process. We could address those objectives and the presentation of NETmundial, ArenaNETmundial and ICANN experiences of social participation hindered many issues as:

1) The importance of comunicating the participation process to a great audience and creating new online and offline processes to involve new audiences;
2) The challenge of combining crowdsourcing with multistakeholder, how to garantee iqual footing on that;
3) The importance to promote south-south cooperation on those experiences and techonologies in the context of developing and african cowntries.

Conclusions drawn from the workshop and possible follow up actions

The Brazilian IGF will be a very important opportunity to experience new forms of participation and mobilization. The inspiration on ArenaNETmundial process and its huge public consultation and mobilization will be very important to build inclusive and widespread participation on IG that can contribuite with IGF.

Another importante followup was to closely discuss the south-south cooperation on participation technologies and methodologies that can be built on top of cooperation for multistakeholder local governance organisms.

Estimation of the overall number of participants present at the workshop


Estimation of the overall number of women present at the workshop

about half of the participants were women

Extent to that the workshop discuss gender equality and/or women’s empowerment

it was mentioned briefly in the presentations and discussions

A brief summary of the discussions in case that the workshop addressed issues related to gender equality and/or women’s empowerment

Our local speakers were very gender balanced and we could discuss how the open process for workshops submition and grants on ArenaNETmundial made possible many actitivites with gender balance and disucussion on the days of ArenaNETmundial

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