ICANN Accountability in a Multistakeholder Governance Regime

3 September 2014 - A Workshop on Other in Istanbul, Turkey

Brief substantive summary of the workshop and presentation of the main issues that were raised during the discussions

The various accountability mechanisms available in the ICANN multi-stakeholder governance regime were discussed including the Independent Review Panel Process, Reconsideration Request Process, Ombudsman's Office and their various shortcomings. The panelists discussed the biggest challenges they see to improving ICANN's accountability mechanisms and issues related to the lack of an independent accountability mechanism. Workshop participants also discussed the relationship between the US NTIA stewardship transition and the accountability crisis at ICANN.

Conclusions drawn from the workshop and possible follow up actions

Panelists and workshop participants agreed to explore the creation of an IGF Dynamic Coalition on the issue of Accountability for Internet Governance Institutions. Those interested in exploring the coalition should contact workshop organizer Robin Gross to robin (at) injustice.org.

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about half of the participants were women

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it was mentioned briefly in the presentations and discussions

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