MS selection processes: accountability and transparency

23 October 2013 - A Workshop on Multistakeholderism in Bali, Indonesia

Internet Governance Forum 2013

Workshop # 127 Report

MS selection processes: accountability and transparency

Organizer Name 

Peter Ian

Organizer Entity 

Internet Governance Caucus

Workshop Theme 

Principles of Multi-stakeholder Cooperation

Consise description 

The workshop will be organised involving the three non-governmental stakeholder groups in the IGF. It will discuss experiences, concerns, good practices and methods and principles for accountability and transparency. It will also discuss the composition of these constituency groups, including ambiguity in terms of how the groups are defined, and the challenges that arise at times from overlaps between stakeholder categories. We will use this workshop and precedent discussions among our different stakeholder groups as an opportunity to identify difficulties, improve our processes and build a Multistakeholder Alliance on Promoting Multistakeholder participation processes. The assumption is that the stronger our respective processes are, the greater chances we all have to build sustainable participation mechanisms in inter-governmental environments (ITU, CSTD, EU, etc.)

The expected outcome is a Joint Statement (two-pager).

Questions that will be addressed include:

*How do each of the stakeholder groups manage their selection processes?

*What has worked or not worked in terms of how stakeholder groups are defined and represented?

* What would constitute sufficient transparency, openness and inclusion in such processes?

* In order to develop and enhance multistakeholder participation, what should be the principles for the determination of stakeholders, stakeholder groups, policies concerning representation and internal stakeholder group decision-making?


1. How the selection of stakeholder group representatives was handled for the Enhanced Cooperation WG: Current procedures and issues in this area. * Anriette Esterhuysen, Civil Society Focal Point for CSTD WG on Enhanced Cooperation * Ayesha Hassan, Business Community Focal Point for CSTD WG on Enhanced Cooperation * Constance Bommelear, Technical Community Focal Point for CSTD WG on Enhanced Cooperation 2. Forward-looking perspectives on where multistakeholder processes may be going, and consequences for the selection of stakeholder group representatives: Statements from different stakeholder group perspectives, as a starting point for discussion * Norbert Bollow, Civil Society Internet Governance Caucus * Virat Bhatia, AT&T (private sector) * George Sadowsky, technical community. 3. Discussion on accountability and transparency principles for the future (interventions from the floor and from remote participants are solicited; then the panelists are called upon for a final round of brief comments) 4. Information on the opportunity to participate in the drafting process for the outcome document.


Vladimir Radunovic

Remote Moderator 

Nnenna Nwakanma

Have you organized workshops at previous IGFs?


Workshop format 

Open Discussion

Workshop Transcript 


Brief substantive summary of the workshop and presentation of the main issues that were raised during the discussions 

Various perspectives and experiences were described and discussed in relation to selection processes for stakeholder group representatives.

Conclusions drawn from the workshop and further comments 


  1. 1. Criteria: Establishing of clear selection criteria


    2. a) Definitions – the need for clear definitions of stakeholder categories to be

    3. represented , acknowledging there may be overlap in some cases

    4. b) Legitimacy –representation and qualification
    5. c) Competency – the ability to collaborate and work across stakeholder groups; understanding of the relevant processes (IGF, CSTD)
    6. d) Gender –ensuring gender balance
    7. e) Geographical diversity –ensuring diversity through geographical representation
    8. f) Youth – training the next generation
    9. g) Independence – being divorced from conflicting interests
    10. h) Inclusiveness and democratisation – bottom up participation
    11. i) Diversity—ensure balance and range of viewpoints, expertise, in the case of business range of sectors,
    12. 2. Checks and balance: Transparency and Accountability:

  2. a) Accountability of the selection process itself
  3. b) Accountability of those who are selected – the issue of being able to remove people for non-performance
  4. 3. Selector:

    1. Legitimacy of selector


Reported by 

Norbert Bollow

Estimate the overall number of women participants present at the session 

About half of the participants were women

To what extent did the session discuss gender equality and/or women's empowerment? 

It was raised by one or more of the speakers as an important aspect of the session's theme

Discussion affecting gender equality and women's empowerment 

In the context of selection criteria, gender balance was mentioned as one of the concerns.

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