Supporting Local Content Development

22 October 2013 - A Workshop on Diversity in Bali, Indonesia

Internet Governance Forum 2013

Workshop # 356 Report

Supporting Local Content Development

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Ryan Patrick

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Workshop Theme 

The Internet as an Engine for Growth and Advancement

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Our proposed workshop will explore the benefits of promoting local content development and the means by which communities can do so. We’ll focus particularly on discussing and testing the following hypotheses based on real-world examples: (1) that there is a virtuous cycle where infrastructure investment and content investment reinforce each other; (2) that success in driving localization of content is largely driven by multi-stakeholder partnerships in emerging markets (e.g., recent studies about and sister workshops on IXPs); (3) that the Internet has given traditionally underrepresented communities a voice where they have historically had difficulty getting airtime on traditional media. We hope that participants and panelists will both discuss relevant academic research and speak from their own experiences in the field. To ensure a diversity of perspectives, we propose participants will include a representative from civil society, representatives from the global south, a larger content creator, and possibly an emerging artist.


* Moderator's introduction to the topic and introduction of the panelists -- 5-7 minutes. * Introductory remarks from each of the 5 panelists -- 6-7 minutes each. Each panelist will focus on different considerations and issues surrounding local content development (e.g., the relationship between content development and infrastructure development, content development and local culture.) * We hope that panelists will draw on their own policy experiences or research in the field. * Hard stop after 50 minutes to include discussion with all participants. * Interactive discussion with questions and comments from participants, including remote participation -- 40 minutes.


Aparna Sridhar

Remote Moderator 

Marco Pancini

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Brief substantive summary of the workshop and presentation of the main issues that were raised during the discussions 

The workshop discussed various strategies for promoting local content development, ranging from improvements in infrastructure to importance of platforms (such as YouTube and blogger) to opportunities opened up by new generic top level domains.  

Conclusions drawn from the workshop and further comments 

There are a variety of ways to promote local content development -- the consensus was that all players in the ecosystem have a role to play. The participants focused on a range of technical, regulatory, social and economic solutions. Specific topics highlighted included: the role of IXPs in fostering local content development; data localization mandates and the obstacles that they present to developing local content; opportunities for localized content created by new generic top level domains, including especially internationalized domain names; strategies for monetization of local content, including the role of diaspora communities in monetizing local content; and the role of platform providers and the importance of protections against intermediary liability in developing robust local content.  

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Aparna Sridhar

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About half of the participants were women

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It was not seen as related to the session theme and was not raised

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