IPV6: The Solution for the Future Internet

4 December 2008 - A Workshop on Critical Internet Resources in Hyderabad, India

Original Proposal

WSIS has to build the international policies (with the support of all nations involved) to make the future Internet an essential part of governance through participation of the citizens. At present the Internet is dominated by the developed world who invented the Internet and associated protocols (IP version 4) . With the limited address space of IPv4, the emerging economies and developing world has no Internet resources with the present Internet. The system is also built up with complex NATs to develop the security, which however creates problem of privacy protection.

The IPv6 protocol developed over last 10 years with large address space (128 bits) and improved functionalities (QoS, security and privacy) has the potential for balanced address distribution across all nations ad citizens will allow the development of future Internet, as the platform for all communication infrastructure (quadplay) in creating a balanced information society of the future.

The workshop proposed will address educational, technical, economical and policy issues related to IPv6 adoption, deployment and operation.