Are we all OTTs? Dangers of regulating an undefined concept

7 December 2016 - A Workshop on Other in Guadalajara, Mexico


In recent years, the number of demands to governments pressing to start regulating OTTs have increased significantly. These demands aim to extend the traditional regulation applied to telecommunications and broadcasting services to these new Internet-based OTTs. But the concept of OTT is an open typology, with no clear nor precise definition, that can justify the regulation of any activity performed on the Internet, and even the Internet itself.

In this sense, this workshop aims to bring to the table the discussion about the existing regulation on Internet service providers, leaving behind the old fashioned debate on “competitive services vs. complementary”. The discussion will be lead with a clear objective: moving towards a precise definition of what are the service providers on the Internet, if the term OTT is indicated to refer to these and also it will seek to clearly demarcate the consequences of moving forward on specific regulations for this sector. Thus, this global and not just regional issue, will be on the IGF agenda, allowing us to deliver a clear message about how specific regulation can harm the sector and its inside competition, a key element to attract innovation.


  • Raúl Echeberría- ISOC
  • Joshua Levy  - Access Now
  • Natasha Jackson - GSMA
  • Vinton Cerf - Google
  • Bertrand De la Chapelle -  ‎Internet & Jurisdiction
  • Eric Loeb - AT&T
  • Shita Laskami - Hivos
  • Alexander Riobó - Telefónica
  • Robert Pepper - Facebook

Moderator: Gonzalo Navarro - ALAI

Remote moderator: Javier Pallero - Access Now

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