Digital economy in LATAM and its sustainable development

11 November 2015 - A Workshop on Other in João Pessoa, Brazil


Latin America has been one of the few regions where the last financial crisis has not impacted with the same strength as it has done, for example, in Europe. However, experts predict that the economic boom of the last years, mostly based on the favorable environment for the raw materials markets, will slow down. Digital Economy offers opportunities for growth in new areas, acting as a substitute of traditional economic activities.

The potential of the Digital Economy as an engine for sustainable development has been analyzed and demonstrated in a large number of studies. However this potential is not always unleashed in its full dimension due to a series of factors. The aim of this workshop is to individuate and analyze, from multiple perspectives, what kind of barriers are stopping or slowing down the delivery of the positive outcomes of the Digital Economy in Latin America. As a concrete outcome, this workshop will try to propose a number of policy recommendations for all interested parties.