Multistakeholder Solutions for Youth-Produced Sexual Content

11 November 2015 - A Workshop on Other in João Pessoa, Brazil


A 13-year-old female in South Africa uploads a sexually explicit “selfie” to someone posing as an online “friend.” Within minutes her trust and privacy are violated as the image is published on websites worldwide. Sound outrageous? It is - and it happens every day.

How can the multistakeholder community come together to help solve this problem? How do we overcome IG challenges such as cross-border jurisdictions and varying degrees of privacy and freedom of expression protections? How do we educate and encourage responsible use of new technologies to avoid this type of behavior? And, if sensitive content is shared beyond the immediate parties, are there other mitigations? 

The Internet Watch Foundation will present the results of an in-depth research effort into this problem. A team of discussants will lead the audience through a multidisciplinary problems solving session.