Cyberspace Governance - Exploration

24 October 2013 - A Workshop on Internet Governance Principles in Bali, Indonesia

Internet Governance Forum 2013

Workshop # 310 Report

Cyberspace Governance - Exploration

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chon kilnam

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Internet Governance Principles

Consise description 

Cyberspace and cyberspace goverenance with the Internet as a core entity is becoming an emerging major issue around the world.  Research groups on the cyberspace are appearing including Explorations on Cyber International Relations (ECIR), and Canada Center for Global Security Studies.  There are conferences and workshops on cyberspace  from early 2010s including

   - Annual International Cyberspace Conference 
   - ECIR Workshops on "Who Controls Cyberspace?" and other topics
   - Cyber Dialogue Conference

This workshop proposal is to address on cyberspace and cyperspace governance with respect to the Internet and the Internet governance.  We may cover some of the following aspects of cyberspace in this workshop;

   - Cyber Society
   - Cyber Security
   - Cyber Economy
   - Cyber Nation States
   - Cyber Environment

More aspects such as education, labor, and health may be covered later.

The participants include

Director of Explorations on Cyber International Relations, Harvard-MIT, USA
Chair of Annual Cyber Dialogue Conference, U. of Toronto, Canada
Chair of Cyber Commons, Korea
Executive Director of AfriNIC, Africa
Member of European Parliament
Staff of Swedish Foreign Ministry
Professor of National University of Mexico

Specific issues we would like to cover in this workshop include

Part 1: Cyberspace
1.1 What is cyberspace with respect to the Internet
     Cyberspace needs to be defined, in particular with respect to the Internet and other
1.2 What are major aspects of cyberspace?
     Cyber Security is the most visibloe aspect of the cyberspace now.  We also 
     address on Cyber Society as another major aspect.  What aspects we need to
     consider as major aspects such as economy, nation states, environment, labor
     education and health among others?
1.3 What is the mixed space, i.e. overlapping area between cyberspace and real 
     space?  Cyber-physical systems are visible lately.  Are there any other major mixed

Part 2: Cyberspace Goverenance
2.1 What is cyberspace governance with respect to the Internet governance?
     What are similarities between these two areas, and what are differences?
2.2 Is the multi-stakeholder approach relevant to each aspect of the cyberspce
     governance?  What about the multi-stakeholder for cyber security?
2.3 Is control on cyberspace more relevant than governance on cyberspace now
     or in future?



Cyberspace Governance - Exploration, 2013.10.22-25 1. Agenda Bashing 2. Introduction - Cyberspace Kilnam Chon 3. Short Talks by Panelists 3.1 ECIR and Cyber Nation States Nazli Choucri 3.2 Video on Cyber Dialogue, and Cyber Dialogue Conference Ron Deibert 3.3 Cyber Environment and Cyber Security Alejandro Pisanty 3.4 Internet Governance vs Cyberspace Governance Adiel Akplogen 3.5 Cyber Society and Cyber Economy Amelia 3.6 Cyberspace Conference, and Cyber Nation States Johan Hallenborg 4. Open Discussion Candidate Topics: - Cyberspace - Internet Governance vs Cyberspace Governance - Cyber Security Control vs Cyber Security Governance - Cyber Nation States


Kilnam Chon

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Brief substantive summary of the workshop and presentation of the main issues that were raised during the discussions 

Bali IGF Workshop #310 on Cyberspace Governance - Exploration was held as scheduled in the morning of October 24, 2013.  This may be one of the first sessions on cyberspace governance anywhere in the world.  Thus, we put the subtitle of "Exploration".

The Cyberspace governance workshop was held with seven "panelists" in addition to around 25 participants as follows;

  Kilnam Chon, KAIST and Cyber Commons - moderator
                           Introduction of the workshop with presentation material on "Cyberspace - What is it?"
  Nazli Choucri, Harvard-MIT ECIR, remote participation 
                           Presentation with presentation material on "Who controls cyberspace? Dilemma for the State"
  Ron Deibert, Citizen Lab at U. of Toronto
                           video presentation on Cyberspace including cybersecurity by his colleague
  Alejandro Pisanty, National Autonomous University Mexico, remote participation
                           Presented with a memo
  Adiel Akplogen, AfriNIC
  Amelia Andersdotter, European Parliament Member
  Johan Hallenborg, Swedish Foreign Ministry

We discussed various aspects of cyberspace and cyberspace governance in the workshop including

       - What is cyberspace compared with the Internet?
       - What are cyberspace, real space, and mixed space?
       - What aspects of cyberspce such as cyber society, cyber economy, cyber security,.... may be considered.
       - Cyberspace and the nation states
       - Control on cyberspace?
       - Technical aspects of cyberspace governance as well as the Internet governance
       - Human rights in cyberspace (~cyber society)
       - Freedom in the Internet and cyberspace (~cyber society)
       - National and international legal framework
       - Standardization on cyberspace

Many questions and comments were made from the floor during the workshop including freedom, human rights,  cyberspace control, definition of cyberspace and its aspects, and similarity and difference between the Internet governance and cyberspace governance.

I will add presentation materials, and additioal comments in
      Kilnam Chon, Cyberspace - What is it?
      Nazli Choucri, Who controls cyberspace? - dilemma for the states
      Alejandro Pisanty, Personal Memo for IGF Workshop on Cyberspace Governance - Exploration


Conclusions drawn from the workshop and further comments 

We had fairly good discussion at the workshop, in particular on cyberspace.  We also had good understanding on cyberspace. The presentaton materials helped to clarify on cyberspace including its issues as listed in the previous summary in certain degree.  But, we also came up with the additional issues raised during the workshop by some panelists and other participants such as human rights and freedom.

We had limited exploration on cyberspace governance.  We need more preparation such as paper publication on cyberspace goverenance to come up with good picture on cyberspace governance.  Some of cyberspace aspects such as cyber security and cyber society are urgent issues now, and we may need to put more effort to define cyberspace governance now.

We had fairly good understanding of having workshops on cyberspace, cyberspace governance, and the related issues at IGF and elsewhere in the coming years. We also need good publications such as books and papers on cyberspace, cyberspace governance, and aspects of cyberspace.

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Kilnam Chon

Estimate the overall number of women participants present at the session 

About half of the participants were women

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It was not seen as related to the session theme and was not raised

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Not applicable

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