Knowledge as a Global Public Good: How Fair Use, Open Source and ICT Standards Can Expand Digital Inclusion

3 December 2008 - A Workshop on Access in Hyderabad, India

Original Proposal

Globalization and the Internet's distribution and communication model pose a vexing question: can a global public good be defined and protected? Indeed, this pressing question is the crux of many issues outlined in the WSIS process and IGF meetings.


This workshop starts from the premise that knowledge is a definable and protectable global public good. Stakeholders will present their viewpoints on how the concepts of open source, open IT standards, and fair use in IP law can be combined to improve digital inclusion. Panelists will discuss how government policy, private industry actions,  institutions of global governance, and government procurement and financing could align to support knowledge as a global public good. 


This workshop support this year's main session on “Universalization of the Internet - How to reach the next billion (Expanding the Internet).”